Entertainment-focussed underwater experiences

Two TRITON 660 subs with different interior options shown

The TRITON 660 AVA series employs our revolutionary Advanced Versatile Acrylics to create the world’s first submersibles with a free-form acrylic pressure hull.

These singular, expansive spaces afford you considerable flexibility to curate experiences hitherto unimaginable in a submersible; from cocktails and casinos to weddings and private dining.

Within a footprint comparable to that of previous-generation dual-hulled submersibles, AVA offers a singular acrylic volume up to three times greater, parity of viewing for all guests, and a greater number of seats.

The TRITON 660 AVA is the next great leap in underwater experiences.


The TRITON 660 AVA represents Next-Generation thinking in terms of what a private submersible is and how owners and their guests may wish to employ them.

No longer is a submersible dive an experience entirely unto itself. With the TRITON 660 AVA, space is no longer a defining factor; how you experience the ocean is limited solely by imagination.

The patented AVA hull geometry generates a versatile sub aquatic space, with numerous interchangeable interiors entirely customizable to your specification, hobbies and lifestyle.

No artist has ever had the opportunity to draw up an easel and transfer the glorious Technicolor of a reef live onto canvas. No opportunity has existed to practice yoga, or spend hours of contemplative meditation beneath the waves. Nobody has ever hosted their ‘home game’ of poker, sundowner cocktails or dinner party, or held a board meeting in a submersible… until now.

With the TRITON 660 AVA all of the above, and more, are achievable with one single but remarkable Triton submersible.

How would you use your AVA?

Commercial Advantages

  • 8-guest capacity increases per-dive revenue by 33%

  • Proven reliable systems from existing Triton models

  • Extraordinary panoramic guest views, (inc. up, down and behind)

  • Dramatically improved pilot situational awareness

  • Genuine shared experience for all guests

  • Innovative Freeboard Extender

  • Integrated railing system for safe boarding/disembarkation

  • Direct Drive ultra-quiet thruster upgrade

  • Versatile platform with interchangeable interior

  • Dedicated aft ‘impact zone’ protects sensitive components during LARS
  • Access and simplicity of proven systems for ease of maintenance

  • Optional Integrated Pilot Training Simulator

  • Innovative ballast system increases number of dives between HP air recharges

  • Increased payload margin, reducing requirement for pre-dive weighting

  • Single component/material pressure hull with just two thru-hull penetrations, decreases sensitivity to rapid environmental changes

  • No proximity of transfer vessel’s propeller to pressure hull

Revenue Potential Comparison

Cruise Ship Applications

The following example is provided for a typical Cruise Ship application with circa fifty diving days available, wherein high load-factors and full-day excursion schedules are achievable.

Make Model Utilization Dive Days/ Annum Dives/ Day Pax./ Dive Ticket Price Revenue Comparison
TRITON 660/9 AVA 100% 50 12 8 $/€ 600 2,880,000
OTHER BRAND Nearest Viable Model 6 6 1,080,000

Resort-based Operations

The following example is representative of resort-based operations whereby the submersible may see higher utilisation throughout the year albeit with slightly reduced load-factors representing the seasonality of the industry.

Make Model Utilization Dive Days/ Annum Dives/ Day Pax./ Dive Ticket Price Revenue Comparison
TRITON 660/9 AVA 80% 240 10 8 $/€ 400 6,144,000
OTHER BRAND Nearest Viable Model 6 6 2,764,800

Typical observed limitations of HP Air charging

TRITON 660 with cocktail bar interior

Cocktail Bar

Serve the world’s deepest Gin & Tonic

Curate Unique Experiences

The beauty of TRITON 660 AVA submersibles is the flexibility afforded by their ultra-large interiors. Operators can take advantage of this space to provide never-before-possible experiences that will surprise and delight discerning guests, even when not sailing near a prime dive site.

Operators benefit from higher utilization of their submersible while guests enjoy a much richer, more fulfilling experience.

TRITON 660 with high-capacity interior

Wedding Venue

The world’s most intimate place to tie the knot

TRITON 660 with casino interior

High-Rollers’ Club

The world’s most exclusive VIP Room

Utilize the flexible electronics system and interior mounting points to design a completely unique experience. Take advantage of the inbuilt mood lighting, surround-sound and climate control to precisely curate the perfect mood.

You may choose to offer your guests an intimate wedding ceremony among kaleidoscopic coral reefs. Perhaps you’d like to provide the ultimate Casino VIP Room for your most valued guests. Or maybe you’d like to offer an exclusive location for your guests to enjoy an evening aperitif.

Almost anything is possible with the TRITON 660 AVA. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to make them a reality and a commercial success.


Fine dining with the world’s finest view

“That experience is probably the most exhilarating thing I will ever do in my entire life … personal and professional.”

BBC’s Liz Bonnin, following her dive in the Galapagos in a Triton submersible

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Operational Benefits

World Map

Location-Independent Experiences

No longer does a submersible depend upon a spectacular dive-site in order to provide a revenue generating, unforgettable experience.

Cruise Lines and Tour Operators can now design brand-bespoke adventures that can be delivered when operating away from world-class reefs and wrecks. These value-add excursions can help ensure that utilization of your TRITON 660 AVA is maximized throughout the entirety of a voyage.

TRITON 660 spacious interior

Large Interior

The patent-pending expanded-ellipse acrylic pressure hull provides markedly more space than traditional conjoined spheres.

As the shape remains relatively constant across its width, so much more of that space is realized as additional headroom, legroom and usable space. Inside a TRITON 660 AVA there is approximately three times more volume than the twin-hulled submersibles of similar size, affording you the flexibility to design a unique customer experience.

Diagram of TRITON 660 dimensions: LxWxH: 4500x2900x2300mm

Small Footprint

The TRITON 660 AVA is designed as a direct replacement for outmoded twin-hulled tourist submersibles.

With comparable weight and similar dimensions, upgrading to the superior customer experience and mission-flexibility of the Triton is a breeze. In the majority of cases, integration with existing handling equipment is straightforward.

Pilot’s 360 degree view in TRITON 660

360° Pilot Situational Awareness

The TRITON 660 AVA range was conceived to address the shortcomings that operators of twin-hull submersibles experience, the most important of which being Pilot Situational Awareness.

In a Triton, the pilot enjoys a wrap-around view through the acrylic pressure hull – not through viewports in a steel link-chamber – affording them line-of-sight for all manoeuvers. Triton’s Halo Cockpit places the information Pilots require for safe maneuvering unobtrusively within pilot eye-line, augmenting their already best-in-class view.

Triton sub diving on tropical island


Every Triton spends more time in the water and less time in maintenance.

It was built by the same people who built the world’s only Unlimited Depth submersible. When it comes to extreme levels of reliability, dependability, durability and redundancy, we, quite literally, wrote the book. Your Triton will spend more time in the water precisely because it has been engineered by a team who understand the fundamental importance of these factors better than anyone.

TRITON 660 AVA in maintenance mode


Our submersibles are designed such that scheduled maintenance, rolling repairs and configurations changes can all be made at sea, without the requirement to return to port.

The maintenance-bays are elegantly arranged with clear and easy access to all major components. Using standard tools and elemental sea-faring engineers’ skills, a Triton can be back in the water much quicker than those of other manufacturers.

The Next Revolution in Submersible Design

The patent-pending Advanced Versatile Acrylics, for the first time, make possible transparent hulls in new and irregular geometries. In doing so, they unlock the vast volume lost to the continual radius of a sphere. In a given footprint, a Triton AVA submersible typically offer two to three times the usable volume of traditional spherical hulls. Space that can be used to create amazing experiences…


Our first submersible built with AVA technology is the TRITON 660. In a footprint similar to that of two stored jet skis, it boasts a viewing-volume of roughly three-times the size of similarly sized, spherical-hulled submersibles.


All of the submersible’s machinery has been cleverly and discretely packaged behind and below the passenger space. It remains easy to access and yet is completely removed from passenger lines of sight in all directions.


The discretely packaged machinery provides all of the functions that make the submersible a comfortable place to spend many hours subsea. Air conditioning, humidity controls, gas management and extensible electrical systems provide the foundation for the experience you design for your guests.


Triton’s Halo Cockpit is a giant step forward in Pilot ergonomics and situational awareness. Often-used controls and displays are strategically positioned above and around the pilot, affording them direct sight-lines across 360º without a reliance on monitors or viewports.

Interior Atmosphere

Triton’s HALO Cockpit provides many of the functions required to turn a space into a venue. It includes integrated lighting, a high-fidelity surround sound audio system, discrete air-conditioning outlets; all so you can design the perfect atmosphere for your planned experiences.

Configurable Lighting

From subtle hues to dynamic displays, the interior lighting set allows infinite customization. Set the mood for a party with preset patterns, or dim to a warm glow for dining – the choice is yours.

Design your Interior

With the fundamentals of a fine, luxury submersible covered, it’s time for you to plan how you’ll use the generous interior space. This image shows how up to 11 adults and children may be accommodated in the TRITON 660. From wedding venue to cocktail bar, the possibilities are endless.


The TRITON 660 AVA is the only submersible with the layout, space and careful design to allow you to create unique experiences tailored specifically to your target audience. The only limit is your imagination.


We built the TRITON 660 AVA so you could build incredible underwater experiences. It has been designed for maximum flexibility so that your offering can change and evolve over time.

We look forward to working with you to create truly one-of-a-kind experiences for your guests.

Hammerhead Controller

Triton’s new and improved Hammerhead Controller makes its debut on the TRITON 660 AVA. Working in tandem with the Halo Cockpit, the Hammerhead allows the submersible to be controlled wirelessly from any seat inside the cabin. Thus, the pilot may move around the submersible to help point out objects of interest, or may hand control of the submersible to a guest.

Hammerhead features Triton’s latest-generation User Interface that offers at-a-glance access to critical safety and control information, elegantly enriched with subtle detail that further enhances pilot situational awareness.

Triton Hammerhead control system showing joysticks and user interface.
Rear design of TRITON 660

Technical Specification

TRITON 660/9 AVA – Nine Seat


Depth656 ft / 200 m
Crew1 Pilot
Passengers8 Adults or
6 Adults + 4 Children
Speed3 kn
Endurance12 hours
Hatch Inner ⌀23.6 in / 600 mm

Size & Weight

Length9.02 ft / 2.75 m
Width14.8 ft / 4.5 m
Height7.55 ft / 2.3 m
Weight24,250 lb / 11,000 kg
Dynamic Passenger Compensation Ballast550 lb / 250 kg
Variable Ballast550 lb / 250 kg
Pressure Hull Internal Volume6,300 l


24 V SupplyDual supply + Emergency
Main Battery57 kWh
Main Thrusters4 x 5.5 kW
Maneuvering Thrusters4 x 5.5 kW
ControlJoystick, Touchscreen & Manual Override
External Lights8+ x 20,000 lumen LED
Life SupportOxygen + CO2 Scrubber