The deep ocean is no place for compromise.

Triton builds superlative submersibles for discerning individuals and demanding professionals.

They are built of the finest materials. The industry’s clearest view is achieved through Triton’s premium-grade, optically-perfect acrylic, offering the most intimate connection with our ocean.

Our interiors are unlike any other. They are the most comfortable, ergonomic and beautifully hand-finished.

Clients for whom reliability and dependability are key, overwhelmingly choose Triton. Our subs are engineered by the only manufacturer to achieve Full Ocean Depth certification. No submersible manufacturer understands the deep ocean like Triton.

We work hard to ensure that our customers remain as satisfied today as they were on their first dive. Clients enjoy after-sales and technical support for the world’s most experienced submersible engineers and operations teams.

100-200 m / 330-660 ft


100 m 12-66 from 43,000 kg 12 hrs

Enjoy the unparalleled experience of a Triton submersible in these high-capacity tourist submersibles. Available in capacities from 12 to 96, they offer the same level of comfort and refinement. What’s more; they feature our exclusive optically-perfect acrylic which completely disappears from view when in water. It is perfect for island resorts, large cruise liners and harbor experience operators.


200 m 2 2,500 kg 6 hrs

A luxurious two-person, 200 meter rated Superyacht sub. At only 4.8 ft (1.47 m) with a modest crane weight of only 5,510 lb (2,500 kg), this model is ideal for most superyacht tender garages. The single lift-point allows it to be launched using existing tender cranes, further facilitating integration onboard a superyacht.


200 m 7-9 11,000 kg 12 hrs

The world’s first submersible with a free-form acrylic pressure hull has an acrylic volume almost three times greater than previous-generation dual-hulled submersibles. It allows operators to create unique underwater experiences that increase sub utilization beyond touring prime dive locations.

Project Hercules AVA

200 m 6 12,000 kg 10 hrs

The product of a collaboration between Triton Submarines, Espen Øino International and Dark Ocean Design, Project Hercules is the ultimate luxury-performance submersible. Capable of traveling in the range of 8 knots and diving to 200m, Project Hercules replicates the experience of flying in a private jet with luxury, privacy and amenities never seen before in a private submersible.

500 m / 1,650 ft


500 m 3 4,000 kg 12 hrs

Small and light enough to be launched from a standard superyacht tender garage, this three-person submersible is the most compact three-person submersible on the planet. It is perfect for pilot-owners and two family members to dive to depths of 1,640 ft / 500 m in absolute comfort.

Triton 1650/7 Configurable

500 m 5-7 11,000 kg 10 hrs

The cavernous interior of the Triton 1650/7 Configurable can be configured with seven seats for comfortable group viewing, or five seats luxuriously spaced for an ultra-exclusive luxury experience. Rapid reconfiguration between modes in-the-field allows high-end experiential travel operators to tailor the customer submersible experience on the fly.

1,000 m / 3,300 ft

TRITON 3300/1 Min. Displacement

1,000 m 1 2,100 kg 6 hrs

The TRITON 3300/1 MD is compact, lightweight and perfect for one-man television, filming, and observation missions. It is also suitable for salvage, rescue and other support tasks to depths of 3,280 ft (1,000 m). Its diminutive dimensions belie its power, maneuverability and generous payload which allow it to perform roles that might typically require a tethered ROV.


1,000 m 3 8,000 kg 12 hrs

The TRITON 3300/3 MKII is Triton’s flagship professional submersible, revered by scientists and filmmakers alike for its capability, dependability and endurance. Extensible lighting rigs, science skids and tooling options make it the perfect choice for three professionals working to depths of 3,300 ft (1,005 m). This model made possible David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef, the BBC’s Galapagos and Blue Planet II.

TRITON 3300/6

1,000 m 6 11,000 kg 12 hrs

The TRITON 3300/6 builds on the venerable TRITON 3300/3 platform. Accordingly it offers six passengers a spacious, luxurious way of spending ten hours at depths of 3,300 ft (1,005 m).

For the ultimate luxury, the cabin can be configured to seat four.

2,200 m / 7,500 ft to Full Ocean Depth

TRITON 7500/3

2,286 m 3 11,200 kg 10+ hrs

Utilizing a pressure hull thickness of 300 mm, as well as certified, aircraft-grade materials, lithium phosphate battery technology and pressure-balanced oil-filled sub-systems, the TRITON 7500/3 is the deepest diving acrylic hulled submersible in the world. Capable of taking three passengers down to 7,500 feet (2,286 m), this submersible has opened a window into the Hadal Zone, enabling operators to conduct research, capture footage, not to mention experience the previously unseen wonders of the ultra-deep with their own eyes.

TRITON 4000/2 ABYSSAL Explorer

4,000 m 2 12,000 kg 12+ hrs

To celebrate Triton’s historic dives to the Titanic in August 2019, we are delighted to announce the TRITON 4000/2 Abyssal Explorer.

The TRITON Abyssal Explorer is the first in a new range of deep-diving submersibles to feature our revolutionary Gull Wing design, in conjunction with the world’s deepest diving acrylic hull.

TRITON 36000/2 Full Ocean Depth

'Unlimited' 2 11,700 kg 16+ hrs

Designed to slip vertically through the water column, the record-breaking TRITON 36000/2 can reach the deepest point of the ocean in less than three hours. A masterpiece of design, technology and precision engineering, it is significantly lighter than previous deep diving vehicles, an important consideration for launch and recovery. The first submersible, ever, to be certified to ‘Unlimited Depth’, this TRITON allows operators to safely and comfortably visit the deepest and most inaccessible parts of the world’s oceans for the first time in human history, over and over again.


From custom, color-matched or patterned exterior finishes, to the sourcing of luxury leathers from exclusive tanneries with which to trim the interior. Triton’s Custom program affords clients total creative freedom to reflect individual tastes across the interior and exterior of a new submersible.


Triton Special Projects offers clients with a unique vision the opportunity to create something new. Whether it is to set a record, discover a new species, or a desire to build a submersible like no other, Triton’s world-class design and engineering team can make these submersible dreams a reality.

The world’s first Full Ocean Depth rated submersible, the TRITON 36000/2, was born of the Triton Special Projects program. From an aspiration to multiple world-record-breaking reality in just 36 months.

Commission your own legacy.


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