Landmark TV-series, documentaries and features made using Triton submersibles

Professional’s Choice

Triton’s Professional Submersibles feature fine-grain control which enables smooth, controlled camera moves. Their precision maneuvrering allows confident filming of the tiniest details in macro. Extensible electronics architecture allows for easy integration of custom lighting rigs and specialist cameras. And their industry-leading dependability allows them to be used for months-long expeditions in the remote locations.

Little wonder Triton’s Professional submersibles are the tools of choice for demanding filmmakers and documentarians working subsea.

OceanX and Sir David Attenborough diving in a Triton Submersible filming the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough

Our friends and partners at OceanX, Atlantic Productions and the BBC utilised their TRITON 3300/3 to take Sir David Attenborough on a record-breaking deepest dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Three sixty-minute episodes aired in 2015 and featured extensive footage of the Great Barrier Reef filmed using the Triton.

The team mounted an array of equipment to the submersible, including 4K cameras, 360° Virtual Reality cameras, lighting rigs and more.

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RED digital cinema filmed with a Triton submersible

BBC’s Galapagos with Liz Bonnin

In ‘Cauldron of Life’, the opening episode of the BBC’s landmark series Galapagos, presenter and naturalist Liz Bonnin makes a dive in Nadir – one of OceanX’s two TRITON 3300/3. On her return she described the experience as “the most exhilarating thing I will ever do in my entire life”.

The team used multiple high-definition and 4K cameras mounted externally to the TRITON 3300/3. They also used cinema-quality cameras hand-held and shot through Triton’s trademark optically-perfect acrylic.

Liz Bonnin on her Dive
Triton submersible during filming of Blue Planet II

Blue Planet II

The most watched UK series of the year, and global ratings success, Blue Planet II was filmed largely from a TRITON 3300/3. Equipped with state of the art 8K cameras, crews had more than 500 hours of recorded dive time in OceanX’s ‘Nadir’ to complete the series, capturing never before seen and rarely glimpsed species in their natual habitat.

Deep Water Cinematography
Sky News live subsea news bulletin from a Triton submersible - Nekton


Sky News and our partners at Nekton collaborated to produce the world’s first live subsea news broadcast. It was filmed in the Indian Ocean inside one of Nekton’s two TRITON 1000/2 (MKI) submersibles.

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Giant Squid filmed by Triton sub and NK

Giant Squid NHK & Discovery

Triton and NHK were the first to discover and record video footage of the giant squid in its natural habitat. The footage was beamed to television sets the world over.

Giant Squid Footage
Bow of Titanic

Mission Titanic National Geographic

Caladan Oceanic, using a TRITON 36000/2, were the first to film the wreck of Titanic in 4k. The footage was shot for National Geographic and their documentary Mission Titanic.

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Triton sub films a shark in the dark depths. - Buck Taylor

Shark Week

Using one of their pair of Triton 3300/3’s, the team at OceanX have once again been filming with Discovery Channel, this time for the popular Shark Week.

Filming Sharks