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Making History

Explore some of the notable points in our rich history at the forefront of the commercial submersible industry


The Birth of an Industry

Triton announces the first practical, viable, acrylic-hulled submersibles, effectively creating the personal submersibles industry.


First 1,000m submersible announced

After successful trials of the TRITON 1000/2, Triton announced the 1,000m-capable TRITON 3300/3 with the, then, largest acrylic sphere in the world.


TRITON 1000/2

First Triton submersible delivered.


TRITON 1000/2

Second TRITON 1000/2 delivered


TRITON 3300/3 Tested to 1,000m

First ever acrylic hull to be certified to 1,000m feted at sea.


TRITON 3300/3

First 1,000m-capable submersible delivered.

Triton & NHK Film Giant Squid

First ever recorded footage of the Giant Squid. Captured from a Triton submersible.


Multiple TRITON 3300/3 Deliveries

Triton delivers three TRITON 3300/3 submersibles.


TRITON 3300/3

Fifth Triton 3300/3 delivered

Attenborough & Obama talk diving

The pair discuss protecting the ocean and diving in a Triton submersible.

Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Airs

In the landmark TV event of the year, Sir David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef – filmed with a Triton submersible – enthrals audiences worldwide with shots filmed at previously unexplored depths on the Reef.

Announcement of TRITON 1650/3 LP

The first submersible specifically designed for super yachts is announced by Triton Submarines.


Nekton Mission I

Scientific expedition in the Bermuda Triangle, utilising two Triton submersibles.

U-Group Dives on Britannic

Two Triton submersibles dive on Titanic’s sister-ship.

TRITON 3300/3

Sixth Triton 3300/3 delivered

TRITON 3300/1 MD

First one-man, 1,000m-capable submersible delivered.