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Leisure Submersibles

Experience the beauty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in your own personal submersible, bespoke to your tastes and fully integrated with your yacht. Triton Leisure submersibles are the most comfortable, spacious and luxurious way to explore the fabulous majesty of the deep.

Commercial Submersibles

Offer your guests an un-compromised, all-around viewing experience in the largest single-hull acrylic submersibles ever made. The most satisfying customer experience is, undoubtedly, to be had in a Triton commercial submersible.

Professional Submersibles

The ultimate in utility, performance and dependability. Triton’s Professional submersibles are the defacto choice for filmmakers, documentarians, scientists and researchers the world over.

Ultra-Deep Submersibles

The ultimate tools for human exploration, only Triton makes submersibles certified to the deepest points of our oceans – the Abyssal and Hadal zones. Triton owners hold more world records than those of any other manufacturer.