Explore the myriad notable and record-breaking dives completed by owners of Triton submersibles


Sir David Attenborough in a Triton submersible

Great Barrier Reef

The world’s deepest dive to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was achieved by Sir David Attenborough in a Triton submersible as part of the filming for the BBC’s award-winning Blue Planet II.

Shoal of fish in the Galapagos


Triton submersibles performed multiple dives in the Pacific Ocean while filming the BBC’s landmark TV-series, Galapagos.

Triton sub dives in Antartica


The world’s first private submersible dives to Antarctica were achieved in the original TRITON 1000/2 submersible. In 2012, a team from Triton submarines filmed penguins swimming below icebergs and majestic jellyfish.

Sunset over record-breaking submersible dives to Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep

It used to be true that more people had visited the surface of the moon than had been to the deepest point on earth: Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Triton Submarines, Caladan Oceanic and the Five Deeps Expedition, this is no longer the case. Repeatable dives were made possible by the TRITON 36000/2.

Nekton & Sky News subsea live new broadcast in a Triton sub

Sky News – Live Subsea

Sky News, working with the Nekton Foundation, broadcast the world’s first live underwater new bulletin from inside a Triton submersible in the Indian Ocean.

First images of Giant Squid filmed with Triton submersible


Scientists and producers from NHK filmed the world’s first footage of the Giant Squid in waters off the coast of Japan.

Bow of Titanic


The world’s first 4K footage of the Titanic, filmed on the first manned descent to the wreck in over 14 years, was recorded with a Triton submersible. National Geographic’s Mission Titanic aired in 2020.

HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Victor Vescovo dive to deepest point in Med in Triton sub

Prince Albert II in the Med

The Sovereign achieved the deepest dive ever by a Head of State by travelling to the deepest point in the Mediterranean, off the coast of the Peloponnese Peninsula. He reached 16,761 ft (5,109 meters) in the TRITON 36000/2 submersible.

Triton Hadal Exploration System pictured by large iceberg In Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean

At some 24,390 ft (8,266 meters) the deepest point south of 60°, and therefore in the Southern Ocean, is the newly-named Factorian Deep. It was discovered by Victor Vescovo and the Five Deeps Expedition team.

New species discovered with Triton

Java Trench

In April 2019, the world’s first dives to the Java Trench were made in a Triton submersible. It was on these dives that scientists from Newcastle University discovered a new kind of Snailfish as well as a never before seen Stalked Sea Squirt.

Red Sea

Red Sea

Victor Vescovo makes the deepest dive ever in the Red Sea at the Suakin Trough, just off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Saudi National Mohammed A. Aljahadli joined Victor in the Triton 36,000/2 submersible.

La Minerva submarine pictured from Triton sub

La Minerve

A team diving a TRITON 36000/2 submersible made the first manned visitation to the newly-found wreck of French submarine La Minerve. A commemorative wreath was laid in a ceremony honoring the crew.

Triton Hadal Exploration System pictured in Arctic

Arctic – Molloy Deep

In September 2019 the Five Deeps Expedition became the first to reach the deepest point in the Arctic Ocean. With temperatures reaching -2°C, the team reached 5,550 meters deep.

Diving in Puerto Rico with Triton sub

Puerto Rico Trench

In a historic feat, explorer Victor Vescovo became the first human to dive on a solo mission to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean – the verified bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench at 8,376 meters.

Solomon Islands

Working with the American Museum of Natural History, Triton submersibles aided a months-long study into bioluminesence in the Solomon Islands.

Triton 33000/2 departs surface for record-braking dive

PACIFIC Ocean – Tonga Trench

The Five Deeps Expedition team makes history again as they become first to dive to the deepest point in the Southern Hemisphere – the Tonga Trench’s Horizon Deep.

Triton 33000/2 departs surface for record-braking dive

Samar Battlefield

Caladan Oceanic descends in the TRITON 36000/2 to confirm the location of the USS Johnston, Naval destroyer used during what’s known as the largest sea battle of WWII. The team made two dives to the shipwreck at 6,460 m and confirmed it was the USS Johnston by locating her unique hull number.

Triton 33000/2 departs surface for record-braking dive

Emden Deep

In March 2021, Dr. Deo Florence Onda joins Victor Vescovo in the TRITON 36,000/2 to become the deepest diving Filipino. Together, they make the first crewed descent to the third deepest spot in the world, the Emden Deep in the Philippine Trench.

Triton 33000/2 departs surface for record-braking dive

Leyte Gulf Battlefield

The Caladan team completed multiple dives off the island of Samar in the Philippines to locate the wrecks of American ships lost in the Leyte Gulf Battle. They located Destroyer Escort 413, the Samuel B. Roberts or “Sammy B”. She was located at 6,895m, making her the deepest shipwreck ever discovered and surveyed.

Triton 33000/2 departs surface for record-braking dive

Atacama Trench

The Caladan Oceanic team and Chilean Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa take on the deepest trench in the South-Eastern Pacific, the Atacama Trench. Descending 25,465ft to the ocean floor, this becomes the first crewed dive to the deepest point in the Atacama Trench. During the same expedition, the team also dived Richard Deep, the second deepest point in the trench.