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Triton owners and operators don’t just read the headlines – they make them!

A Triton submersible undeniably helps drive engagement with your organisation’s message; whether it be setting records, delivering extraordinary experiences or highlighting a good cause. A KPI report by a leading New York City media specialist recently confirmed that in the last four years, digital media coverage created by Triton submersibles achieved audience figures in excess of 9.5 billion and generated an advertising equivalency value of over $88 million.

We are driven by our love of our oceans and are committed to contributing to public engagement with its wellbeing. We look forward to working with you.

Triton submersible approaches a sunken wreck. Photo: Allison Markova.

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Explore some of our all-time favorite photographs taken by owners, customers and guests of Triton Submarines.

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Video: Into the Heart of the Wreck

Channel 4 (UK) Titanic: Into the Heart of the Wreck A fresh examination of the greatest expeditions to explore the remains of the Titanic, from their discovery in 1985, to [...]

Larry Connor on CNBC

Meet Larry Connor. Larry Connor, the first man to attempt to reach both the depths of the ocean and the height of space within one year, is interviewed on [...]

Deep-sub Divers Strike Fish Gold

Deep-sub Divers Strike Fish Gold “Scientific gold” is how the first live sighting by submersible divers of the world’s deepest-dwelling fish has been acclaimed by researchers.Yesterday (2 May) Divernet reported on [...]

Video: Explorer Halfway to History

Explorer Halfway to History after dives to Mariana Trench Larry Connor will be first person to travel from ocean depths, to space in 12 months. Take an front seat view [...]

Entrepreneur, explorer halfway to history

Entrepreneur, explorer halfway to history Will be first person to travel from ocean depths to space in 12 months Dayton, Ohio – Real estate and technology entrepreneur Larry Connor successfully [...]

Making of Limiting Factor Documentary Trailer

The Making of Limiting Factor The Making of Limiting Factor is a short documentary which details the design and development process of the world's deepest diving submersible, the TRITON [...]


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