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008. Triton 3300/1 MD

MD-001 - First of class - 1 man sub. Super small footprint and lightweight - small enough to fit in elevator at the waldorf astoria. Hyper-hemisphere design optimies ergonomics and [...]

008. Triton 3300/1 MD 2017-08-07T10:57:01+00:00

007. Triton 3300/3

3K3-005 - Major updates to pressure vessel. Elipsoidal heads on battery pods to increase trim capability (Slight lie). Heavily modified main chassis to improve access to external equipment (boring). Perfectly [...]

007. Triton 3300/3 2017-08-07T10:59:21+00:00

004. Triton 3300/3

New acrylic partner - heinz fritz - optically perfect - zero discoloration. Improved battery eject?

004. Triton 3300/3 2017-08-08T15:18:15+00:00

The Workhorse

First of class. New innovations included ejectable battery pods (yawn), world's largest acrylic sphere (on a sub). 1,000m rating, cutaway fwd cross beam for uninterupted viewing, exterior stryling [Attenborough, Giant [...]

The Workhorse 2017-08-08T15:16:25+00:00

Refining the Original

Triton's second submersible was delivered just 18 months after the first. In this short time, Triton refined the interior to provide even greater levels of comfort and luxury. Engineers worked [...]

Refining the Original 2017-08-08T15:00:52+00:00

Launching an Industry

The first Triton 1000/2 is the submersible effectively created the entire personal submersible industry. While the idea had been floated previously, it was the Triton 1000/2 that proved the concept and captured the [...]

Launching an Industry 2017-08-08T15:03:58+00:00
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