Veteran ocean explorer becomes deepest diving New Zealander with Mariana Trench expedition

A Kiwi and an Australian have set new records for their respective countries with their dive to the deepest part of the world’s ocean.

And not only did the duo descend deeper that than the height of Mt Everest, they also took Marmite sandwiches and Anzac biscuits to new depths.

Kiwi Rob McCallum and Australian Tim Macdonald also set a more light-hearted record during their dive: the world’s deepest-ever Vegemite sandwich and Anzac biscuits.

“[It] is something only Australasians really understand,” Macdonald said.

On April 8, the pair descended 10,925 metres in a submersible ocean vehicle to the bottom of The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, located 360km south west of Guam….

Images: Caladan Oceanic