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Making History

Explore some of the notable points in our rich history at the forefront of the commercial submersible industry


Blue Planet II Airs Worldwide

The BBC’s ground-breaking Blue Planet II documentary series airs to audiences worldwide and features large amounts of footage shot from a Triton submersible.

BBC’s Galapagos Airs

The visually stunning Galapagos aired for the first time and featured footage shot from a Triton submersible.

Aston Martin & Triton Announce Project Neptune

An ultra-luxurious, high-performance, limited edition submersible.

TRITON 3300/3

Seventh TRITON 3300/3 delivered.

Triton ocean EMEA Support Facility

Barcelona, Spain, becomes home to the Triton submersible super centre, offering customers across Europe and the Middle-East easier access to our world class support.


TRITON 3300/3

Eighth TRITON 3300/3 delivered

World’s largest ever acrylic sphere developed

Together with a purpose-built facility in Germany to produce them.

TRITON 1650/3 LP

First TRITON 1650/3 LP delivered

OceanX initiative Launched

New Florida HQ & Build Facility

Triton move to larger, purpose-built, state of the art facility in Sebastian, Florida.


TRITON 36000/2

The world’s first commercially-certified Full Ocean Depth submersible breaks the world depth record in the Mariana Trench.

First Subsea News Broadcast

Sky News and the Nekton Foundation broadcast the first live news bulletin from beneath the waves in the Indian Ocean.

TRITON 3300/3

Ninth TRITON 33300/3 delivered

TRITON 7500/3 for Project REV

Triton begins the build of the deepest diving, acrylic-hulled, three-person submersible ever made.

First 4K Video of Titanic

A TRITON 36000/2 records the word’s first 4K footage of Titanic, some 14 years since the wreck was last visited by humans. The footage, and the events leading up to it, were captured by National Geographic for their documentary Mission Titanic.

Deepest dive by Head of State

Prince Albert II of Monaco becomes the deepest diving head of state in a TRITON 36000/2. His dive was to the deepest point in the Mediterranean Sea.