200 m 2 2,500 kg 6 hrs

The submersible that sparked a revolution and proved to the world that practical, personal submersibles were, for the first time, viable and compelling. The TRITON 1000/2 set the standard by which future models would be judged. Inside its ground-breaking acrylic hull, two personnel could dive to previously unimaginable depths, far in excess of their friends diving SCUBA.

Every TRITON 1000/2 delivered remains in service today, diving in remote locations such as Antarctica and the Arctic as well as prime dive sites in tropical waters worldwide.

Today, the ultra-compact TRITON 660/2 SPII retains all the features for which the original was loved, but with updated styling and a vastly more luxurious interior.

Fore more information about the TRITON 1000/2 MKI, which Triton can still supply to interested parties, please download the data sheet below or contact us directly.


500 m 3 4,000 kg 12 hrs

The legendary TRITON 3300/3 MKI quickly found itself to be the submersible of choice for filmmakers, scientists and explorers alike.

The TRITON 3300/3 MKII improves on the venerable design with enhanced control systems, improved batteries for greater performance, and hundreds of refinements that maintains the TRITON 3300/3 family as the industry benchmark for professional submersibles. The TRITON 3300/3 line is the single best-selling series production submersible in history.

The TRITON 3300/3 MKII is a direct replacement for the legacy model. As such Triton Submarines no longer offers the MKI for sale. For more information about the MKII, please click here or contact us directly.

TRITON 1650/7 Adventure Submersible

500 m 3 4,000 kg 12 hrs

The TRITON 1650/7 AS introduced the world’s largest single-sphere acrylic hull to the world. Designed for cruise lines and high-end experiential travel companies, it was beloved by operators for its class-leading interior volume, passenger comfort and all-around viewing.

Continuing Triton’s tradition of continual innovation, today the TRITON 1650/7 AS has been superseded by the TRITON 660/9 AVA, the world’s first non-spherical acrylic pressure hull. In a similar footprint to the original, the TRITON 660/9 AVA offers yet more room than the submersible is was designed to replace, and three times that of any submersible in its class. The 1650/7 AS’s sphere remains the world’s largest and lives on in the TRITON 1650/7 Configurable which offers even greater luxury and performance than the AS.

Fore more information about the TRITON 1650/7 AS, which is still available to purchase for those with a preference for its unique configuration, please download the data sheet below or contact us directly.