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Triton for Leisure

Superyacht owners the world over are choosing Triton submersibles for their adventures beneath the waves. Find out why below.


Incredibly, 97 percent of the sea-floor is completely unexplored. As soon as you vent the ballast tanks on your luxury sub and dive below the surface, it is quite likely that you will experience a part of the ocean that no one on Earth has seen before. And you are doing it in perfect air-conditioned comfort and safety.

Imagine being able to provide family and friends this unique opportunity to explore the fabulous majesty of the undersea world. Letting them interact, up close and personally, with the myriad inhabitants of the deep. This is the finest type of adventure – safe, comfortable, fascinating and rare.

Diving way beyond the capabilities of SCUBA divers, you’ll enjoy a unique opportunity to see huge barrel sponges, photoluminescent creatures of all types, rare invertebrates, unique deep water fish and massive sixgill sharks.

Inside a Triton

Our submarines can be enjoyed by anyone from five to 95 years old. A guest aboard a Triton can stay comfortably submerged for up to 12 hours, in an air conditioned and temperature controlled environment.

Regardless of depth, the interior of the passenger cabin remains at one atmosphere; surface pressure. As a result, a Triton can ascend and descend rapidly with passengers fully protected from the pressure-induced physiological effects experienced by SCUBA divers, for example nitrogen narcosis or 'the bends'.

Triton 3300/3 Submersible

Mission Profile

There are so many amazing things to be seen that it may be hard to prioritize them all! With a Triton you’ll be able to see things that no human has laid eyes upon before; on almost every dive! Below are seven experiences sure to amaze and inspire you and your guests.

Reef diving, ray spotting in a Triton submersible

Reef Diving

The most magnificent dive spots on the planet tend to be coral reefs. Amongst the crystal clear waters, the majority of reefs display a stunning diversity of marine life.

Diving beyond 100 meters, past the limit of SCUBA, the character of reefs change and, arguably, become even more interesting.

With a Triton you’ll have the opportunity to view huge barrel sponges, photo-luminescent creatures of all types, rare invertebrates, unique deep water fish and massive sixgill sharks.

Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef

Attracting Unusual Marine Species in a Triton Submersible

Attracting Unusual Species

The diversity of species inhabiting our oceans is simply astonishing. Many, like the elusive Giant Squid and impressive Sixgill Shark, have to be seen to be believed.

In late Summer 2012 a Triton 3300/3 was used to attract and film the giant squid. This unprecedented event marks the first time in human history that man has set eyes on the giant squid underwater. The Triton was able to film this encounter for 18 minutes as the squid descended from 2,000  to 2,700 feet.

Filming the Giant Squid

Shark diving in a Triton Submersible

Shark Diving

Shark diving is a popular expedition for owners of Triton submersibles. Without fail, the passenger rating of a shark dive is always a 10+!

With a Triton you can encounter rare deep water sharks, like the massive Sixgill, Goblin and Megamouth sharks. In 2012, off the coast of Japan, a Triton 3300/3 was used to film just such creatures.

Filming Megamouth Sharks

Ship wreck diving in a Triton submersible

Wreck Diving

Dive on known wrecks or be the first to see the final resting place of vessels that lie beyond the reach of divers. Go a step further and use your Triton as a platform for your own salvage program. In 2013 a Triton was used to salvage treasure from the sea around Alaska.

Ice diving and penguin underwater filming in a Triton submersible

Ice Diving

With appropriate precautions, Tritons are well suited for cold-water dives. The fact Triton was the first ever company to dive submersibles on the continent of Antarctica is an excellent example of just how much of our ocean remains to be explored.

Viewing hydrothermal vents, underwater, in a Triton submersible

Hydrothermal Vents

Witness underwater geysers that constantly spew hot, mineral rich water into the ocean creating an amazing underwater eruption. Vents are typically very deep, spectacular to observe, and are often teaming with a fascinating array of life.

Lava flowing from a sea mount. NOAA


Underwater mountains rising thousands of feet from the sea floor. Scientists estimate that there are over 100,000 unexplored seamounts in the ocean. The few studied have revealed stunning bio-diversity with up to 50 percent of the species found being unique to each location.

These are just a few of the amazing adventures that await you in the deep ocean. Spending a little time thinking about your “wish list” of dive sites will help you make a better decision about the depth rating of your submersible.

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Luxury Yacht Charter

Placing a Triton aboard your vessel will ensure that you are uniquely positioned to provide a charter amenity that effectively addresses the market demand for a one-of-a-kind experience. Triton Submarine Charters, LLC can also help you charter your Triton independently of your vessel.

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Hydrothermal vent and sea mount images from NOAA.

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