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L. Bruce Jones
L. Bruce JonesCEO
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Patrick Lahey
Patrick LaheyPresident
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Troy Engen
Troy EngenGeneral Manager
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John Ramsay
John RamsayPrincipal Design Engineer
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Tom Blades
Tom BladesPrincipal Electrical Design Engineer
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Sales & Administration

A dedicated team able to help answer your pre-sales, promotional, press and service enquiries.

Ken Aldrich
Ken AldrichPurchasing Manager
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Craig Barnett
Craig BarnettSales & Marketing Manager
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Paris Birch
Paris BirchReceptionist & Administration
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Sue Engen
Sue EngenOffice Manager
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Michael Haley
Michael HaleySpecial Projects
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Tiffany Lantier
Tiffany LantierAccounting Manager
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Ron Stamm
Ron StammContracts Manager
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Brian Cornell
Brian CornellBusiness Process Manager
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Mindy Miller
Mindy MillerDigital Marketing & Communications
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With many of the world’s top submersible operators on the team, you can be assured that you are in safe hands. Whether it be support with an expedition, or advice on best-practice and procedure, Triton has the expertise to help.

Jim Harris
Jim HarrisOperations & Vehicle Development
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Kelvin Magee
Kelvin MageeOperations / Shop Foreman
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Dave Ahlgreen
Dave AhlgreenElectrical Assembly / Tech
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Mike Sullivan
Mike SullivanElectrical Technician
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Joshua Harrison
Joshua HarrisonMechanical Assembly / Tech
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Colin Quigley
Colin QuigleyMechanical Assembly / Tech
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R. Monroe Roos
R. Monroe RoosMechanical Assembly / Tech
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Hector Salvador
Hector SalvadorOperations Manager
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David Stott
David StottMechanical Assembly / Tech
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Steve Chappell
Steve ChappellMechanical Assembly / Tech
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Cory Young
Cory YoungShipping & Receiving
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Megan Poole
Megan PooleShipping & Receiving
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Coleton Wells
Coleton WellsMechanical Assembly / tech
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Chris Devoe
Chris DevoeMechanical Assembly / tech
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Marvin Poole
Marvin PooleHydraulics & HP Systems
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A multi-discipline engineering team committed to producing the world’s finest submersibles.

Mat Jordan
Mat JordanElectrical Engineer
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Jarl Stromer
Jarl StromerCompliance & Quality Manager
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Matt Thigpen
Matt ThigpenMechanical Engineer
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Ticer Pfeifer
Ticer PfeiferMechanical Engineer
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Reggie Craven
Reggie CravenDraftsman
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