Triton’s Latest Stunning Submersibles

Last year was a record-setter for Triton Submarines. The leading innovators of the submersible market developed the 36000/2 Full Ocean Depth submersible and set records in manned exploration missions during the Five Deeps Expedition. This year looks to be more of the same from Triton.

In just the first half of this year, the renowned brand will deliver three new units: the first six-person submersible capable of reaching 1,000m depths in the Triton 3300/6 Configurable, a new tourism sub with the DeepView 24; and a welcome addition to their “superyacht sub” series in the Triton 1650/7 Configurable. This in addition to a late 2019 announcement of the Triton 7500/3, which is set to be the world’s deepest diving acrylic pressure hulled submersible…

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