Meet the Retired US Navy Commander Who Located the Deepest Shipwreck in History

A submariner who has visited the oceans’ deepest points uncovers the secret behind a World War II battleship lying on the bottom of the sea.

Superyacht owner Victor Vescovo is used to making headlines, but this time it’s personal. On March 31, he piloted his submersible DSV Limiting Factor to the deepest shipwreck dive in history and became the first person to witness the USS Johnson since it sank in a World War II battle off the Philippines in 1944. The retired US Navy Commander, who served in the US Navy for 20 years, elaborated on the dives, telling Robb Report he found the event “emotional.”…

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Shane Eigler, Victor Vescovo and Parks Stephenson were all part of the voyage of discovery.

Image: EYOS Expeditions