How submersibles became the coolest bit of kit on board.

Onboard submarines are growing larger and delving deeper, opening up a whole new world for superyacht owners to explore, says Caroline White

Whether you can call a submarine a superyacht “toy” is questionable, but that’s half the appeal for an adventurous owner: keep your frivolous playthings, I’m buying a portal to another world. No one takes submarines more seriously than Triton, the industry’s go-to submersible manufacturer – and no one understands better how these incredible machines are developing. The Florida-based team boasts a combined 400 years of experience in the submarine business, ranging from underwater tourism to defence. John Ramsay, Triton’s principal design engineer, for example, used to design submarine rescue submersibles – the ones they send down to get people out of sunken military submarines. “After that, I was doing swimmer delivery vehicles, for getting US Special Forces covertly into wherever they needed to be,” he says…

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Images: Nick Verola