SECINDEF and Triton Submarines take Security, Intelligence and Defence to another level.

Barcelona, Spain, 12th February 2018 – Triton Submarines, the world’s leading designer and producer of personal submersible craft for yacht and cruise ship deployment, has announced the signing of a framework agreement with SECINDEF for the introduction of their submersibles in the Security and Defense sectors. Barcelona-based SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence & Defense), prominently positioned as an International Consulting Counterterrorism organization, approached Triton with the view to promoting its vessels for Security and Defense missions. The signing of the commercial agreement recognizes the invaluable role Triton’s submersible craft can play in a number of wide-ranging scenarios, from securing maritime assets, ports, submarine pipeline and communications infrastructure, to underwater search and rescue missions, hydrographic research and maritime archeology, through to the detection, protection and conservation of wrecks.

While headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, the signing took place in Triton Submarines’ EMEA region office in Barcelona, with SECINDEF’s General Director David Caixal and Hector Salvador, Triton’s EMEA Operations Manager acting as signatories. Juanjo Alarcón, Deputy Director of SECINDEF, was also in attendance. Discussions between the parties have involved the modification of existing units from Triton’s extensive range for fixed operations and the development of a ‘rapid response’ submersible package for emergency deployment.

The team at Triton Submarines posses a combined 350-year of experience in the design, production and operation of submersibles, resulting in craft tested and certified according to the most rigorous and demanding safety standards. Their world leading submersibles possess an unblemished safety record and are built to DVN-GL or ABS classification. Triton Submarine’s customers benefit from unrivalled after sales service and technical support from the most experienced operations team in the sector. The Triton range of submersibles extends from compact and lightweight single-seat units capable of diving to 1,000m (3,300-feet), through to multiple passenger craft designed to operate at full ocean depth.

Upon signing the agreement, David Caixal, SECINDEF’s General Director, commented:

“We are truly delighted with the formalization of this partnership and for the opportunity to incorporate Triton Submarines into our portfolio of associates, collaborators and representatives. Our wide portfolio of international strategic contacts extends to a presence on the five continents and now, with the help of Triton, that penetrates to even deep below the sea’s surface. We already have a number of agencies and authorities eagerly awaiting the opportunity to discuss subsea solutions, so we are confident this new partnership will prove to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.”

Patrick Lahey, Triton’s Co-Founder and President concurred, stating:

“While Triton’s primary focus in recent years has been in the yachting and cruise ship markets, this agreement and association with SECINDEF demonstrates both the versatility of our submersibles and the growing demand for our products in multi-mission applications. Already our craft have been deployed around the globe for pleasure, research, communication and education, but this yet another highly specialized field I am confident we can excel in. SECINDEF and their work in the field of intelligence, security and defence contribute to us all living in a safer world, I am proud that Triton’s products can participate in that valuable role, providing security for our families today and those of future generations.”


SECINDEF International Consulting Counterterrorism is a company dedicated to consulting, training and the provision of services in the fields of Security, Intelligence and Defense. The company was created to meet the challenges arising from increased specialization and the needs of physical and logical security in both developed and emerging economies while being specialized in Islamic terrorist movements. SECINDEF has a global scope with international offices and capacity for development of projects in Europe, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa. SECINDEF is a consultant that provides services in training and counter-terrorism and intelligence services in through institutional representations around the world.

About Triton

Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Florida is the most experienced civil submarine producer in the world today, and the only contemporary manufacturer of acrylic pressure hull equipped personal submersibles to deliver multiple classed and certified vessels capable of diving to 3,300 feet or 1,000 meters. Triton Submarines senior staff have over 350 years of combined experience with more than 80 different submersibles, and their operations team have together logged over 25,000 dives. Triton clients also enjoy superlative after-sales service and technical support from a company dedicated to their total satisfaction.

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