Triton Submarines leads sub-sea exploration in record-breaking BBC series ‘Blue Planet II’

Vero Beach, Fla., January 18, 2017 – Triton Submarines LLC, the leading manufacturer of personal submarines designed for yacht and cruise ship deployment have revealed one of their submersibles played a prominent role in the soon to be released BBC documentary series, ‘Blue Planet II,’ with a Triton 3300/3 providing extensive support throughout the four year filming.

Shot across 39 countries, on every continent and in every ocean, much of the deep ocean footage in the series was filmed in the Triton 3300/3 named “Nadir” aboard the 56 meter research vessel M/Y Alucia. Equipped with state of the art 8K cameras, crews had more than 500 hours of recorded dive time in Nadir to complete the series, capturing never before seen and rarely glimpsed species in their natual habitat.

Said Producer Orla Doherty of her experience in the Triton 3300/3:

“The highlight for me has been seeing animals that we believe are surface animals-animals that live in the top layer of the ocean-and then encountering them at phenomenal depths. Like swordfish, coming straight at us at 2,300-feet (700m), and yes there was some screaming! Just getting a whole new insight into how deep these animals work, how their world is so much bigger than we ever imagined, that has been incredible.”


Expertly piloting the Triton 3300/3 for the Blue Planet production team during dives that averaged between six to eight hours, but up to twelve hours on occasion, Mark ‘Buck’ Taylor praised the Triton 3300/3’s capabilities, highlighting how the precise handling enabled capture of unique footage:

“It is a great system, especially when the team were filming in macro. You have this huge 8-ton vehicle, and you are trying to film a crab the size of your thumbnail. We do it and it works really well, it is quite amazing.”


The top-selling Triton model currently on the market, the Triton 3300/3’s versatility allows a pilot and two passengers to travel to depths of 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) in complete safety and comfort. Often called upon for scientific use, the Triton 3300/3 has been deployed by multiple expeditions over the years, including capturing the first ever footage of the giant squid in its natural habitat in 2013 and a landmark series about the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough in 2015.

Commented Triton Co-Founder and President Patrick Lahey:

“We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to exploring our oceans and these types of expeditions will allow us to learn how to better conserve and protect, while bringing a whole new perspective to this rarely-seen world. Triton is proud to lead the industry in sub-sea exploration, continuing to push the boundaries of what’s expected in the luxury personal submersible market and providing clients entirely unique experiences and capabilities.”


Already the most watched UK series of 2017, Blue Planet II is set to premiere in the United States on Saturday, January 20th at 9pm as an AMC Networks simulcast event across BBC America, AMC, IFC, WE tv and Sundance TV. Presented by Sir David Attenborough and scored by Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer, the rest of the eight episode series can be viewed on Saturday nights on BBC America.

About Triton

Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Florida is the most experienced civil submarine producer in the world today, and the only contemporary manufacturer of acrylic pressure hull equipped personal submersibles to deliver multiple classed and certified vessels capable of diving to 3,300 feet or 1,000 meters. Triton Submarines senior staff have over 350 years of combined experience with more than 80 different submersibles, and their operations team have together logged over 25,000 dives. Triton clients also enjoy superlative after-sales service and technical support from a company dedicated to their total satisfaction.

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