Triton submersibles are engineered to perform within virtually any dive profile.
The following features help ensure you get the most from your mission.

First ever footage captured of giant squid in Japan by Triton

Chasing Giant Squid

Japan. 2012:
A single Triton 3300/3 submersible loaded with scientific and film equipment completes 47 dives at various depths to 1,000 meters. The vehicle logged an unprecedented 250 hours of diving with just 6.5 hours of total down time.

Triton 3000/1 MD Personal Submersible


You’ll never miss an extraordinary sight from a Triton sub. A completely transparent pressure hull provides visibility in every direction and, through careful design, we’ve positioned the sphere to get you as close to the action as possible.

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Triton 3300/3 Transparent Pressure Hull
Single-point launch and recovery of Triton submersible

Launch & Recovery

Every new Triton is equipped with an integrated, overhead lift point with several tag points for stabilization during launch and recovery. The design of our lift points can be tailored to allow seamless integration with your vessel and facilitate rapid, simple and safe mission turn-arounds.

Mission Endurance

Unlike SCUBA, Triton submersibles are not limited by depth, exotic gas-mixes or decompression tables. Dives of 12 hours are easily achievable, giving you plenty of time to carry out experiments, witness elusive creatures or fully enjoy the wonders of a coral reef.


Triton’s proprietary ‘WorldView’ navigation system maintains live tracking and positional data of the submersible, host vessel and other points of interest. Using GPS from the host vessel and Ultra Short Baseline tracking, pilots can monitor the sub’s position, dive repeatedly to a point of interest and even track another submersible.


We have made maintenance a pleasure.

Every Triton is designed to allow rapid access to the core components of the vehicle. Remote diagnostics and 24 hour support enable our technical experts to guide you through the steps required to get your Triton safely back in the water.

Maintenance Services


The cabins of our submersibles are maintained at a constant one atmosphere and are both climate and temperature controlled. Hand stitched leather seats and an integrated sound system help to make your Triton a comfortable place to be, especially during extended dives.

Thrusters and vertrans thrusters make manoeuvrability simple


Multiple thrusters and dynamic vectoring give the pilot complete control to maneuver the submersible. The full range of precise movements are made possible by the use of a single three-axis joystick. Piloting a Triton submersible, accurately and safely, for extended periods is simple, intuitive and fun.

Triton submersible with manipulator arm for archaeological recoveries


To make the most of your underwater experience it is possible to add cameras, manipulators, science equipment and bespoke equipment. Triton submersibles can accommodate up to 500kg of payload, affording operators the flexibility to configure vehicles to meet specific mission requirements.

Interchangeable Equipment Skids


Time for a recharge?

Quick-connects for oxygen & high-pressure air, and our fast-charging Lithium Phosphate batteries will have you back in the water within an hour.

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