A truly memorable, visually captivating and immersive underwater experience is only possible in a submersible equipped with a
transparent pressure hull.

Transparent Pressure Hull

Transparent Pressure Hull

A submersible offers a unique opportunity to experience the ocean world.

All Triton submersibles make extensive use of transparent acrylic in the pressure hull. This configuration provides an unsurpassed field of view for all occupants.

No submersible offers better viewing or will allow a pilot to get closer to the reef, sea floor or other submerged object with total confidence and in absolute safety.

What can you see?

Minimal Weight, Height, Depth and Weight

Minimum weight, volume & footprint

We understand deck space is always at a premium aboard a yacht. Triton offers a range of submersible models to address the space limitations and unique arrangement of most motor yachts.

We work with yacht designers and builders to ensure our submersible stow easily and integrate seamlessly with on-board launch and recovery systems.

Submersible Launch & Recovery

Simplified Launch & Recovery

Every Triton is designed with meticulous attention to the launch and recovery requirements.

The single lift point on many of our submersible models allows for storage and deployment from a large number of super yacht tender garages – even those with limited height or restricted access.

Numerous ‘tag-points’ are provided to ensure a Triton submersible remains stable throughout the launch and recovery procedure. Launch and recovery can be made simpler still by integrating stabilization and other motion damping systems directly into the lifting arrangement.

The ability to safely enter and exit a Triton submersible on the surface obviates the need for expensive and complex man-rated launch and recovery systems, which will dramatically reduce cost.

Surface Stability & Freeboard

Surface Stability & Freeboard

A defining feature of every Triton submersible is the ability to open the hatch while on the surface.

The generous freeboard ensures the hatch can be safely opened on the surface while the catamaran design of the main ballast tanks provides unsurpassed stability.

These features allow passengers to comfortably enter and exit a Triton submersible between dives even with the craft in the water, reducing the time between dives.

Command and Control System

You’re in Command and Control

A highly sophisticated and proprietary digital touch screen control, navigation and monitoring system makes a Triton uniquely easy to operate and reduces pilot workload.

Embedded checklists, automated alarms and an advanced autopilot system reduces pilot workload & fatigue and increases safety.

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