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Personnel Services from Triton submarines

Personnel Services

Triton’s staff can train your existing crew members to professionally execute all of the tasks associated with owning a submersible including how to safely pilot the sub, coordinate dive operations from the surface, launch the sub and recover it quickly and safely, and maintain your submersible. Triton can also provide professionally trained crew on either a short or long term basis.

Maintenance and Technical Support Services

Maintenance & Tech Support

The Triton team has experience with over 80 submersibles and provides maintenance and technical support services to a wide variety of customers. Maintenance and installation services can be performed at our Sebastian, Florida manufacturing facility, at our EMEA Support Centre in Barcelona, or on-site worldwide.

Upgrade & Refit Services from Triton submarines

Refits & Upgrades

Whether your submersible is starting to show its age, or you’d like to upgrade its capabilities, Triton offers a range of upgrade and refit services for you.

Contact us for more information about re-fitting, or upgrading, an existing submersible.

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