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Personal submersibles, by their very nature, reflect the individuality of their owner. A luxury submersible also represents a significant investment. Identifying a manufacturer and model which truly fulfils customers’ requirements is an important part of the purchase process, and will ensure many years of satisfaction ahead.

A few fundamental factors, common to the purchase of all submersibles, demand the consideration of all potential buyers.



A limiting factor for many potential owners is the capacity of their host vessel to carry, launch and recover a submersible. Depth-rating and passenger capacity are key drivers of a submersible’s volume and mass. Having a clear understanding of the space envelope and lifting capacity of your vessel, and communicating this to your manufacturer, is vital to ensuring safe integration and operation.


Triton’s submersible range includes models specifically optimized for the typical constraints of super-yachts, mega-yachts and expedition ships. Each has been ergonomically configured to offer even our largest passengers the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and visibility. For those with specific or unusual requirements, Triton regularly works with ship-yards, vessel-owners and Launch & Recovery System manufacturers to design custom submersibles and lifting options.

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TIP#2 Mission Planning

Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your submersible will help you and your manufacturer to develop a specification to suit your needs. Are you looking to film in the warm and shallow waters of coral reefs? Perhaps you dream of exploring the icy depths of Antarctica with your family. Maybe you want to provide your customers with an experience they will never forget, set a record or discover a new species?

What you want to do, and where in the world you want to do it will play a significant part in defining your requirements.


The Triton range includes submersibles designed for scientists, explorers, filmmakers and private owners alike. Every Triton is configured to optimize performance and reliability for the types of mission and the waters in which they plan to dive.

At Triton, we understand that plans change. We have designed all our submersibles with future upgradability in mind. Spare penetrators and interchangeable equipment skids allow your Triton to be reconfigured between missions, or as your taste for adventure evolves.

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The underwater environment is beautiful, serene and enthralling. For humans, it is also inherently hostile. Safety should be every buyer’s number one priority.

Enquire as to which industry standards each submersible has been designed. Ensure it has been manufactured under witness, and delivered with the assurance, of a third-party Classification Society.  Ask to see Classification Society certificates and pressure-test endorsements.


Your safety is not optional, and neither is Classification. At Triton, we see third-party accreditation as being integral to the design and build process. A well-built submersible should not compromise on design, material quality, build or testing. That is why every Triton submersible is certified and classed to ABS or DNV-GL’s rules for manned submersibles as standard.

Safety at Triton


High integrity, high fidelity training for both Pilots and Maintainers is essential for ensuring safe, confident operations.

Ask your manufacturer for their training syllabus, and reassure yourself that it contains a mixture of classroom-based theory, workshop-based maintenance, and water-based practical instruction and examination. Beyond the function of the submersible it should contain robust teaching for all aspects of operation. These should include surface coordination of dive operations, effective communications, launch and recovery processes, corrective and routine maintenance, and should pay particular attention to emergency operating procedures. Enquire as to the number of Pilots trained and certified annually and the experience of the Instructors.


Some of the world’s most capable submersible pilots and maintainers are alumni of Triton’s three-phase training program, which sets the industry standard for effectiveness. Following classroom and simulator training, students join Triton for the final assembly of their vehicle and gain hands-on experience connecting, commissioning and troubleshooting systems. Every student receives a comprehensive pack of assembly drawings for their submersible, affording them essential familiarity with their vehicle and maintenance routes.

Post-build, a rigorous in-water training program begins which includes a dive to maximum operating depth. Only once we are satisfied that students have gained the aptitude to handle any given situation, can the course be passed and ownership of the Triton submersible be taken. Our master instructors have logged tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of dives in every conceivable environment.



Following delivery, it is important for buyers of all types that a submersible benefit from the reliable, timely support and assistance of its original manufacturer.

Consider the ease with which your crew may carry out essential maintenance while at sea, during an expedition. Finally, examine the manufacturer’s proposed support regime and enquire as to whether maintenance, repairs or upgrades can be carried out in-field or via return-to-base.


Every Triton is designed to achieve industry-leading levels of reliability. Rapid access to intuitively designed core components ensure the most common maintenance activities can be performed at-sea. Our engineers and academics will advise on spares provisioning prior to your expedition, ensuring adequate and appropriate stock for ad-hoc maintenance. Owners in need of technical or engineering assistance can expect 24/7 world-class support from the most knowledgeable team of submersible experts on the planet – both remotely, and in the field.


Diligent buyers will seek to establish the experience of their submersible manufacturer. A track-record of customer satisfaction and timely, on-budget submersible builds should be evident. The number and type of vessels in operation today will provide reassurance of construction quality, design maturity, and operational reliability.

Enquire as to how many customers place repeat orders, how each delivered submersible is being used, and what type of mission each is performing. Seek evidence in support of these claims. Dive logs, down-time statistics, customer testimonials and televised documentaries are all examples which can provide prospective buyers with confidence.


The ten Triton submersibles delivered to date remain in active service and certified to their full diving depth. Each was delivered to specification and on budget. Four of our customers have chosen to purchase more than one submersible and operate them in pairs. Two of our submersibles have been purchased as replacements for competing products. Two thirds of the submersibles currently in build are for customers returning to Triton.

Triton has explored more locations than any other submersible manufacturer, made numerous record breaking dives, participated in ground breaking scientific expeditions, discovered countless new species and filmed some of the most elusive creatures on the planet. Yacht owners, scientists, explorers, adventurers, archaeologists and filmmakers are all choosing Triton submersibles. Visit the Triton website for videos, case-studies, testimonials and more from satisfied customers.


The submersible market caters for budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Depth and capacity are the two biggest price drivers. However, a myriad of additional factors are often overlooked. Examples include Certification, Training, Internal Space, Passenger Visibility and Comfort, Material Selection, In-field support, Vessel Integration, Maintenance and Warranty.

Having a clear budget in mind from the offset, and comparing manufacturers’ offerings on a like-for-like basis will help prospective owners identify value-for-money.


Triton is committed to providing the best submersible ownership experience on the planet.  We believe quality should come as standard. Our guiding principles of safety, training, experience, design and support are incompatible with the budget submersible market.

The deep ocean is no place for compromise.

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