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One Man’s Wild Quest to Reach the Bottom of Every Ocean

October 22, 2019|0 Comments

Susan Casey, OutsideOctober 22, 2019Multimillionaire Victor Vescovo committed himself to one of the world’s craziest remaining adventure quests: to reach the [...]

In Depth Knowledge: Designing, Testing, and Building the World’s Most Extreme Ocean Exploration Tool

October 22, 2019|0 Comments

AUTHOR Craig Barnett Triton Submarines, Barcelona, Spain On 24 August 2019, Victor Vescovo touched down at a depth of 5,560 [...]

Inside Limiting Factor: The Record Breaking Triton-Built Submersible

October 17, 2019|0 Comments

Inside Limiting Factor: The Record Breaking Triton-Built Submersible 17 OCTOBER 2019 BY MIRANDA BLAZEBY The Triton-built submersible Limiting Factor [...]

Hadal Manned Submersible

October 15, 2019|0 Comments

Hadal Manned Submersible Five Deeps Expedition Explores Deepest Point in Every Ocean By Dr. Alan J. Jamieson • John Ramsey • Patrick Lahey The [...]

Triton Submarines Announces Sale of First Triton 7500/3 Model to Rev Ocean

September 19, 2019|0 Comments

TRITON SUBMARINES ANNOUNCES SALE OF FIRST TRITON 7500/3 MODEL TO REV OCEAN Sebastian, Florida, 19 September 2019 -Triton Submarines LLC [...]

Five Deeps Expedition is complete after historic dive to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean

September 9, 2019|0 Comments

Victor Vescovo and team complete the final mission of the expedition in world’s deepest diving operational submersible, the Limiting Factor [...]

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