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Triton for Science

Triton submersibles are ideally suited as data collection platforms.

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Triton submersibles offer marine scientists of all types the ultimate platform from which to carry out their research, sampling, measurement and analysis. Triton can fit customized equipment racks, known as skids, containing analytical equipment.

Controlled from inside the sub, each equipment skid can be customized to suit client and project requirements.

Science Skids can be provided with the capabilities listed in the section below for clients intending to make their subs available for scientific expeditions and charters.

Interchangeable Expedition Skids

Science Skid

Notable Scientific Expeditions

Use the map below to explore some of the most interesting and groundbreaking scientific expeditions undertaken by Triton submersibles.

Explore all notable Triton Expeditions

Scientific Skid Capabilities

The sampling and collection of fragile sessile and motile organisms, water and sediment sampling with real-time chemistry analysis, and the ability to conduct fixed angle phototransects and photogrammetry analysis, are all made possible by Triton’s interchangeable equipment skids.

Commonly used equipment for the collection of biological and chemical data include:

Collection of non-motile marine organisms

Collect non-motile organisms in sub-dividable drawer.

Collection of soft-bodied marine organisms

Collect soft-bodied organisms with suction pump and rotary carousel.

Collection of marine sediment and soil samples

Collect sediment samples with T-Handle push corers.

CTD Water Analysis

CTD Analytical instrumentation.

Niskin water collection bottles in carousel formation

Niskin water bottles

Imaging equipment for photogrammetry and phototransects

Phototransects and photogrammetry with downward facing cameras

Laser scaling and range-finding with submersible mounted lasers

Scaling with dual- and triple-lasers fixed or pan-and-tilt.

Technical Control

All scientific instrumentation and skid functions are controlled from a separate graphical user interface on a standalone touchscreen laptop. Data for instruments such as phototransects and CTD, is streamed in real-time and stored for later transfer. Actuation of other instrumentation, such as the water samplers or suction pump, is controlled directly from this laptop.

All laptop controls for the scientific instrumentation are simple and intuitive, and can be operated with minimal training. Manipulator control, used for devices like the suction pump and push corers, can be performed by any occupant of the sphere, but is usually best carried out by the pilot in conjunction with the movement of the sub.

Manipulator Options

For scientific projects that involve the collection of delicate specimens or which require very careful operation of the manipulator arms, Triton recommends upgrading the standard, rate-controlled, 6-function manipulator arm to a position-controlled, 7-function arm. This upgrade provides increased dexterity and fine scaled control.

An optional secondary manipulator arm may also be fitted. Such an arrangement is useful for vessel stabilization during biological collections around offshore oil platforms, or where the research program calls for additional data collections.


Scientific Expedition Partnerships

Triton’s team includes individuals with experience collecting scientific data with submersibles. Drawing on their University backgrounds, they can provide critical assistance for clients to help achieve their expedition goals.

Triton can provide scientific expertise and advice for all scientific expeditions utilising Triton submersibles as a platform. This can be delivered either remotely or on-site.

Notable Expeditions

For direct advice on how such a partnership can be achieved, contact:

Dr. Michael Haley Special Projects

+1 772-770-1995   +1 727-271-3844

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