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Triton 7500/3

The Deep Diver

Using a proprietary technology, developed in collaboration with Triton’s exclusive acrylic manufacturing partners, the Triton 7500/3  is the world’s deepest diving acrylic hulled submersible.

Capable of diving over 1.4 miles to the great depths of the ocean’s ‘bathypelagic zone’, the Triton 7500 series represents a new breed of submersible. The fully transparent, acrylic pressure hull creates the potential for more excitement, new adventures and even greater versatility.

3 Passengers


10+ hours



Battery Technology

AC & Humidity

Environmental Control

23,100lbs 10,500kg

Dry Weight

8.5ft 2.6m



The Triton 7500/3 builds on the venerable Triton 3300/3 design, sharing the spacious, three passenger interior configuration, with luxurious leather sports seating and a powerful air conditioning system.

The Triton 7500/3 achieves its remarkable 7,500ft (2,286m) diving depth by utilizing a pressure hull thickness of 300mm (11.8in) and through the use of certified, aircraft-grade materials, lithium phosphate battery technology, and pressure-balanced-oil-filled sub-systems.

Observation is fundamental to scientific enquiry. Triton’s proprietary Easy-Entry Hatch System enables passengers to enter the submersible with ease, while offering all passengers an uninterrupted view.

The versatile lift points on the Triton 7500/3 have been configured for launch and recovery using either tender-style davits found in yacht garages, or deck-mounted cranes and A-Frames.

Triton for Leisure Triton for Science Triton for Film & TV




    The table below shows the general specifications for the Triton 7500/2. Additional items can be ordered as options. Details are provided on the Equipment page.

    Optional Equipment

    Triton 7500/3 Deep Diving Submersible


    Depth7,500ft / 2,286m
    Payload1100lb / 500kg
    CrewPilot + 2 Pax
    Endurance10+ hours
    Main Ballast8,800lb / 4,000kg
    Variable Ballast 550lb / 250kg

    Size & Weight

    Length14.4ft / 4.4m
    Width10.8ft / 3.3m
    Height8.5ft / 2.6m
    Weight23,100lbs / 10,500kg
    Pressure Hull Inner ⌀67 in / 1,700mm
    Hatch Inner ⌀11.8in / 300mm


    24v SupplyDual Supply + Emergency
    Main Battery30 kWh
    Main Thrusters2x5 hp / 2x3.7 kW
    Vertran Thrusters2x5 hp / 2x3.7 kW
    ControlJoystick, Touchscreen & Manual Override
    External LightsHigh Output LED
    Life SupportOxygen + CO2 Scrubber





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