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The model variants shown below represent the most popular configurations of our submersibles. Additional variants of these key products are also available, as are custom configurations. Explore below or contact us for more information.

Triton 3300/3 Submersible - our most popular sub

Triton 3300/3MKII

The New Benchmark

The 3300/3’s versatility has made it the most popular sub in the range. Equally suited for scientific and personal expeditions, the 3300/3 offers reliable performance in a quality, comfortable environment.

Quick Stats: 8,000 kg (17,640 lbs) 2.6m (8.5 ft)

Best for Science Scientific Best for Leisure Leisure Best for TV and Film TV & Film

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Triton 1650/3 - Low Profile person submersible for superyacht owners

Triton 1650/3 LP

The super-yacht sub

With its ultra-low profile and lightweight design, the 1650/3 is ideally suited to deployment from small tender garages and their associated davits. It provides a spectacular experience for owner-operators, families and small business users.

Quick Stats: 4,000 kg (8,800 lbs) 1.8 m (5.9 ft)

Best for Leisure Leisure Best for TV and Film TV & Film

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Triton 1000-7 Submersible - The Cruise Sub

Triton 1000/7

The Cruise-liner Sub

A Triton tourist submersible allows you to offer your guests or customers an unforgettable underwater experience. The seven-passenger Triton 1000/7 has been designed for operations from cruise-liners and megayachts.

Quick Stats: 12,000 kg (26,500 lbs) 2.5 m (8.2 ft)

Best for Leisure Leisure

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Triton 3300/1 - compact, lightweight, one-man observation and salvage submersible.

Triton 3300/1 MD

The Solo Sub

The 3300/1 is compact, lightweight and perfect for one-man television, filming and observation expeditions. It is also suitable for salvage, rescue and other support tasks at depths up to 1000 meters.

Quick Stats: 2,100 kg (4,620 lbs) 1.84m (6 ft)

Best for Science Support Ops Best for TV & Film TV & Film

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Triton 1000/2 - small and light personal submersible

Triton 1000/2

The Adventure Sub

At just 3,100kg the 1000/2 is the smallest and lightest multi-passenger submersible in the range. It represents the perfect entry into personal submersible ownership. Owner-pilots can share the unique experience of reef and wreck diving with a friend or family member.

Quick Stats: 3,100 kg (6,800 lbs) 1.85m (6.1 ft)

Best for Leisure Leisure

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Triton 6600/2 - Ultra-deep diving submersible

Triton 7500/2

Join the Mile Deep Club

For those seeking the ultimate adventure, the 7500/2 is our ultra-deep diving submersible capable of reaching the deepest parts of our ocean in complete safety and comfort.

Quick Stats: 6,500 kg (14,300 lbs) 2.1m (6.9 ft)

Best for Science Support Ops Best for TV & Film TV & Film

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